Every Sunday we rotate our class offering. FitCycle, Fury, Fight, Fast or Fusion… Keep an eye on the member booking app to see what’s coming up!


High energy 30 minute choreographed exercise to music. This class will have all you favourite movements – Squats, lunges, press ups, sit ups (burpees), all perfectly timed to the beat of some awesome tunes. Feel the rhythm, feel the burn!!


Building a strong core isn’t just about 6 packs and wash board stomachs. The core relates to many aspects… Stabilisation, balance, control and strength all stems from building a solid foundation by training all elements of your core.


Pilates improves flexibility, builds strength and develops control and endurance in the entire body. It puts emphasis on alignment, breathing, developing a strong core, and improving coordination and balance.


Do not expect to be gasping for breathe in this one… It is all about feeling that deep burn in the working muscle. You will either be working on a suspension trainer or with a kettlebell, focusing on control, co-ordination and strength. So get yourself ready to FEEL THE BURN!


This class is split between bag and bodyweight. Learn techniques and combos within the warm up and then go crazy with a round on the punch bag, followed by a round of awesome body weight exercises. No previous boxing or martial arts experience needed, we’ve got your back. The 45 minutes will absolutely fly by in this one. Jab, hook, upper cut and deliver the knockout blow. You got this…. 3,2,1… FIGHT.


The original Fitlife bootcamp. This is an outdoor fitness staple, guaranteed to push you harder each
and every time. All welcome, open to non members. Run, crawl, push, press, jump, squat, do it all,
get filthy.



The ultimate functional training experience. You wont have time to stop and think during this one,
just lose all of life’s worries and go for it. Battle ropes, kettlebells, sled pushes, pull ups, ball slams
and stuff you have never even heard of. Its fast, its furious, its awesome.


Function entails low impact exercises focusing on mobility and form.


The combination of sprint intervals on the spin bikes with body weight exercise is an all round fat
burning bonanza. This class will send your heart rate to places it has never been with short burst of
cardio, then you will ask questions of your strength with some awesome body weight exercises. An
all round winner.