Fitlife – Fitness with a Difference

Creating a gym facility that is the perfect balance between beauty and function. A bespoke fit out, the finest equipment, custom built functional training areas, specialist staff and trainers, physiotherapy clinic, unique classes, a luxury snack bar with tailored nutrition, glamorous changing and shower facilities, a community atmosphere and an affordable membership.


If you haven’t experienced a bootcamp session – you need to. A gentle warm up is the simple introduction. “Only 40 more minutes?” you say quietly to yourself. Because you’ve done other exercise classes of an hour or more – this will be piece of cake!

Then Steve starts properly. A quick explanation of the session and then you’re into it. The explanation is needed not because bootcamp is complicated, but because every session is different. In two years, I’ve never done the same session. Even after those two years, stupidly you still think “oh, this will be an easy one”. It never is!

But don’t be put off, the only reason it is never easy is because you push yourself. You may count reps, you may be challenging a friend or Steve is just making you want to drive yourself. Whatever it is, you are working as hard as you can, so you are always achieving, whatever anyone else is doing.

Luckily, those 40 minutes come round quickly, so it is short, but you know you’ve done it. No rests, little recovery, so sharp as well.

Try it – for a 54 year old fat boy – it works!

Mark, 54, Towersey