The FitLife Challenge 2020

This year we will be heading back to the Lake District to take on Abrahams tea round!


20th June 2020

The challenge

A 30 mile route with 12,000+ feet of ascent that starts and finishes at the doors of George Fisher in Keswick.

To complete the challenge – the tops you need to ‘touch’ are.. Catbells, Robinson, High Stile, Grisedale Pike, Hopegill Head (AKA Hobgarton), Eel Crag, Sail, Causey Pike, Rowling End and Barrow. You can do them in any order/sequence that you like.

The full round includes a technical climb to high stile and so to be able to take on the full route you will need some experience in scrambling up a steep ascent.

In addition, we have created two alternative routes that are 20 miles & 12 miles long. These routes offer the majority of the summits without any technical element, meaning they are a tough test but achievable for all abilities.

Participants willing to take on the full route will need

  • A high level of endurance
  • Experience in technical ascents
  • Appropriate kit – Footwear, bag, waterproof clothing, First aid essentials, water, food.

The official page for Abrahams tea round can be found here –


FitLife will not be charging for this event. All costs (travel, accommodation, food, drinks and kit) will be organised and paid for directly by the participant.

You are by  no means allowed to attempt this challenge solo. You will need two or more per group who must stick together at all times!

This is a fantastic challenge that requires dedication and training and we feel it is a great oportunity for you to raise money for charity. You can either set up your own fundraising page or Fitlife will be taking donations to MNDA for the event.

This route is a reverse of a large chunk of Steve & Nigels Frog Graham round that they completed in July 2019. For inspiration to take on this challenge read about Steve’s day doing the Frog Graham click here –

Where to stay

Anywhere in and around Keswick. We will start at 5am on Saturday morning from George Fisher climbing shop in Keswick town centre, the closer you stay to the town centre the better. You will need to stay on Friday night to ensure you make the start time on Saturday.

Staying on Saturday night is optional but highly recommended. We will be having food and drinks in Keswick on Saturday night to celebrate.

Route options

  1. FULL TEA ROUND – 30 miles – 12,000 ft ascent – estimated completion time 10 – 15 hours. Click here to view the route on Strava.
  2. FITLIFE TEA ROUND – 20miles – 7,000 ft ascent – estimated completion time 7 – 12 hours. Email for the GPX file of the route.
  3. ESPRESSO ROUND – 12 miles – 4,000 ft ascent – estimated completion time 4 – 8 hours. Click here to view the route on Strava.


Please book your accommodation as soon as possible. Although Keswick is a town with many hotels, bnbs & hostels, the 20th June is the longest day of the year and is notoriously a popular time to go walking in the lakes. To avoid disappointment, book your stay soon.

Once you have your accommodation booked. Email to confirm your/your groups participation. Steve can send further information about the route, training and preparation.

Make 2020 a year full of adventure.

Feel fit. Love life.



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Group Heart Rate



What is group heart rate

Live heart rate displaying real time percentage of max heart rate. This is a benefit for the participant to monitor your effort level during the class and helps instructors to accurately track your performance.

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New Year’s Eve

HIIT at Home!

4 rounds of 20 seconds on/10 seconds off:

Squat Jumps

Push Ups

Russian Twists

Plank Jacks

Jump Lunges

Mountain Climbers

Tuck Jumps

Sit Ups

Take 1 minute rest between rounds.



10 to 1 of Deadlifts 

Superset with:

1 to 10 of Pull Ups

*with 3 burpees between each round – 10 Deadlifts, 1 Pull Up & 3 Burpees / 9 Deadlifts, 2 Pull Ups & 3 Burpees…

10 to 1 of Toes to Rig

Superset with:

1 to 10 of Push Ups

*with 8 cals on the Assault Bike between each round – see format above.


Movement Prep

40 cal Assault Bike (moderate)

3 rounds of:

10 plate G2OH

10 Gorilla Squats

10 Front Rack Elbow Rotations*

*Have the barbell in front rack position  Drive the left elbow as high as possible, then the left.  Repeat for 5x each side.

10 Dislocates


12 min AMRAP

8 Front Squats

8 Push Press