Sports massage - Fitlife

Hi, my name’s Becs and I’m really excited to be working at Fitlife as a sport and remedial massage therapist alongside the fantastic team of sports and nutrition professionals.

As a keen, although untalented, runner, swimmer and cyclist, I’m living proof that you don’t need loads of natural ability to get great satisfaction from sport. But, like many people I’ve been frustrated by injury, more often caused by repetitive day-to-day habits than by an acute sport’s injury. A growing awareness of injury prevention and recovery inspired me to re-train as a sport and remedial massage therapist. In the summer of 2016 I qualified with a BTEC level 5 diploma in Sport and Remedial Massage from the Oxford School of Sports Massage.


Using massage, soft tissue release and neuromuscular techniques, I treat muscle tightness and imbalance before they become an issue. Where there’s already a problem, I assess the injury before treating the symptoms, explaining what I’m doing and why. I also suggest ways in which the client can support their own recovery and prevent similar injuries from recurring through stretching, strengthening and self-myofascial release.


So, if you’ve been ignoring a niggling injury, or just want a “maintenance” massage to ease stiff or tired muscles, I’m offering a 10% discount throughout September and October to all new sports massage clients at Fitlife.


Drop me a line through Facebook @rebeccawaseysportsmassage or call / text me on 07929044870 to get an appointment today.