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If you are struggling with motivation in the gym then come and give one of our progressive 12 week programmes a go. Our Personal trainers have put together 12 week programmes that have been broken up into 3 x 4 week cycles. Each programme contains 3/4 sessions per week.

The programmes are :-

The athlete programme –

This programme has been designed and created by Laurence Clark. Laurence has been working with athletes since starting his career as a fitness professional and has developed his understanding of strength and conditioning to translate that to the everyday member. This programme is ideal for those gym goers who are doing some strength training in the gym but want to take their athleticism to the next level.


The beginner programme –

This programme has been designed by Steven Gregory. Steven has a vast experience working as a personal trainer and has the tools to turn the very beginner into a gym pro. This programme is a stepping stone for those who have not been in a gym before or for a very long time and want a helping hand to sustainable fitness. The programme combines cardio, body weight circuits and light strength training to provide a great base for you to start your fitness journey.


Strength –

Our strength programmes have been put together with input from all of our Trainers. We have created strength programmes for both men and women. These programmes are based off of key lifts such as dead lift, back squat, standing military press, bench press and pull ups. You will need to know your 1 rep max before starting the programme which can be done under the watchful eye of one of our trainers. This programme is for anyone looking to improve their strength and performance in the gym.


Cardio –

Our cardio programme has been put together by Steven Gregory. This is for anyone looking to improve their cardiovascular fitness. Charlotte has trained for her own half marathon with her own gym based programme and hit a PB. This programme can do the exact same for you.


Hypertrophy –

We have both men’s and women’s hypertrophy programmes. These programmes are for those looking to add muscle and definition to their physique and is broken up into separate muscle groups to create an overload.


Our programmes are £20 and come with a 30 minute induction with a PT.

Please call 01844 292772 / email or speak to a member of staff to start your programme.