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Ever find yourself walk into the gym with all the best intentions, but end up going through the motions on the same piece of equipment that you use every time? Or, do you mix your workouts up but can’t really tell if you’re making progress or not?

Listen up..

We have created a Fitlife programme that is varied, progressive and inclusive for all abilities. The programme is online or App based and super easy to use! You’ll be designated a coach from FitLife to support you through out your programme along with workout demo videos for each movement and a comment section for each exercise.


We have three options to chose from….



This programme is 4 weeks long and is designed for those who haven’t been in a gym environment for a while. We will help you get you used to the equipment, understand the correct techniques and most importantly, create the habit of regularly attending the gym.



Designed for those who want to enhance their strength and fitness ability with creative and varied workouts. An all round programme that will have you working on compound strength, hypertorphy, conditioning and core. This will give you the strength and fitness level required to step up to the advanced programme.



Designed for experienced gym users who are confident in there skill level in the gym. This varied programme will work on Olympic lifting, compound strength, gymnastics, conditioning and core. We leave no stone unturned meaning you will be a perfectly balanced and well rounded athlete! Watch your ability go through the roof on this awesome programme!



Each programme costs just £20 per 28 days and is charged as a subscription so that you can continue using the programme for as long as you wish.


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Feel fit. Love life.