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Feel Alive in 2017…

Why Having Events in the Diary is the Best Motivator

We as human beings are designed to be pushed both mentally and physically. From years of being hunter gatherers, chasing and killing our prey, we still to this day strive on physical challenges. It is why people get hooked on running, the way crossing that finish line makes you feel incredibly alive because you have just overcome the physical battle of the race. It’s why people are completely obsessed with OCR (obstacle course race) because each obstacle throws up a new physical challenge that your mind and body must overcome.  But it isn’t just the event itself that will test you physically, having the event in the diary months in advance will give you a drive and focus to train towards that big occasion. I always say to anyone, don’t think about it – just book it. Do not hesitate in booking any event whether it be a 10k flat run or a 50 mile multi-terrain ultra, as soon as that button is clicked and your place is secured, you will have no choice but to train until you are ready for the start line. You may go through hell to cross that finish line, but when you do – boy is it awesome!

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The myth of the bulky women

Ladies that lift

After the introduction of our new ladies that lift small group training, I thought it seemed only fitting to give an explanation into the ever so scary and ever so false myth that is weightlifting will make us ladies bulky..!

Time to get real ladies… Truth is, even if you were aspiring for that so called ‘bulky’ look, it is near impossible to achieve by natural means, sorry girls! Us ladies simply don’t carry enough of the hormone testosterone to enable he same muscle development as men, so stop worrying a pick up a weight! And should you need convincing than biological fact, here are some other awesome benefits of weight training..

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5 reasons to join FitLife

5 Reasons to join Fitlife

Do you still need convincing…

1.The Fuel Bar

We are as excited about having readily available healthy snacks and juices as we are about having an amazing gym. Jess has been busy sourcing some unique snacks from protein balls, energy bars, nut butters, granola and cakes all with raw ingredients that are dairy, additive and gluten free.   Read More