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Member spotlight – Powerlifting Mumma

Maddy Young

Mum of 3, Maddy (in feature image) was 40 years old when she decided to try the new local bootcamp in Haddenham. At this point, she had very little fitness experience. Now, 45 years old, she has just returned from competing at the powerlifting world championships in Germany.

Powerlifting tests your 1 rep max for Back squat, Bench press and Deadlift.

“I guess the actual powerlifting started when I decided to compete last May but I wasn’t specifically training for it at the time – it was just a new direction and challenge. I decided to compete again in February this year as a focus for training and decided to then compete in the nationals and so my training became powerlifting training. Then, somehow, I qualified for the worlds!”

Maddy hasn’t always been into lifting weights….

“It did however all properly start with the secret bootcamp (the first ever fitlife bootcamp) and being made to feel I was good at something and also I discovered that I was competitive. Rough runner (10km obstacles race) was the first competitive event I had taken part in since school and I had never run before it. I had to start off by running a lap of Haddenham playing field and build up to 3km over a few weeks. When the gym opened, that allowed me to train with weights in a very safe, woman-friendly environment.”

So what made Maddy love powerlifting?

“I love it because it’s never easy and competing gives me something to focus on and work towards. I have met so many lovely people through it and it is really good for me to lift weights!”

What are your top tips to get into lifting weights?

“1. You don’t have to become a power lifter – you don’t even have to squat with a barbell on your back. You can get just as much strength from other types of squats so do whatever you’re comfortable with and what you enjoy.

2. If you do want to do powerlifting then invest in some PT sessions to get really comfortable with the different movements.

3. Start small and keep adding little by little. Harriet and I joke about the 0.5 KG plates at the gym but if you add 1KG every month then it all adds up.

4. At one stage none of us knew how the kit in the gym worked so never feel like you don’t have the right to be there and feel you can’t ask somebody to show you how stuff works.”


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