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Flow for Shoulders

Releasing Upper Back and Shoulders  

Following on from our “flow for shoulders” session on Tuesday night here are a few quick stretches to add to your routine to help release tension in the shoulders and upper back.  It’s worth saying that the below stretches are more for general maintenance and if you suspect you might have a specific shoulder issue, best to get Andy at Elite take a look.

1. Posture 

The number one thing we can do to help keep our shoulders happy is take a look at our posture.  Sitting at desks and constant use of devices means a lot of us our guilty of poor posture including me.  Try this one to help bring things back to neutral:

  • Bring the arms behind the back and take hold of the opposite elbow
  • If you can’t hold the elbow take hold of the opposite forearm
  • Draw the shoulder blades on to the back of the ribs and lift the chest
  • Let the tops of the upper arms draw back and down away from the ears
  • Bring the back of the head up and back so the chin is parallel to the floor
  • From this position you can take a few neck stretches, by letting the right ear draw down to the right shoulder and repeating on the opposite side

2. Front of Shoulder Opener 

This one works to open the front of the chest (pecs) and is best done with a yoga belt rather than a resistance band.  If you don’t have a yoga belt you can use a towel or a regular belt or tie.

  • Bring the hands wide apart on the belt
  • You can adjust the distance between the hands as you go along
  • Keeping the arms straight lower the belt behind you and then back overhead
  • Bring the hands further apart if the arms begin to bend
  • Bring the hands closer together to increase the stretch
  • Repeat a few more times
  • To target the side body (lats) too let one arm draw back behind you as the opposite arm extends up
  • Hold for a few breaths and repeat on the other side

3. Back of Shoulder Opener

This is a great one for releasing tension on the back of the shoulders (trapezius muscles) and between the shoulder blades (rhomboids)

  • Bend the elbows and take the arms out to the side shoulder height
  • Cross the right elbow over the left and bring the hands together
  • Keep the bottom arm straight instead as in the 2nd photo
  • Draw the elbows to shoulder height and the forearms parallel with the face
  • Hold for a few breaths and then repeat with the left elbow on top