Dead lift x 8 @60% 1rm.

Rest 90s. 3-4 sets.


1,2,3,4,5,4,3,2,1 Pull ups

Prowler push between each set

7 minute time cap



21 – 15 – 9

American KB swing

Double unders

Assault bike calories



21 – 15 – 9

Hanging knee raise

*30 second plank on swiss ball between sets



Overhead press x 8 @60% 1rm

Rest 90s. 3 sets.


Pull ups x 5.

Rest 60s. 5 sets.


Dips (weighted) x 5

Rest 60s. 5 sets.


Handstand hold x 10 sec.

Rest 20s. 5 sets.



Ski erg x 250m

Rest 60s.

6 rounds.



Back squat x 8 @60% 1rm

Rest 90s. 3-4 sets.


Weighted step over box x 12

Squat jumps (unweighted) x 12

Rest 60s. 3 sets.


Walking lunges weighted x 16

Rest 90s. 4 sets.



21, 15, 9

American KB swings

wall balls


*2 lengths of prowler between rounds



Re test 1 rep max clean and jerk


50 x clean and jerks @60% 1 rep max

*every minute do 5 x hanging knee raises


20s treadmill sprint @ incline 12

40s rest

15 rounds.




Re test 1 rep max over head press


5 x supinated pull ups

Rest 30s.

5 x pronated pull ups

Rest 60s.

4 rounds.


Seated cable row x 6

Bicep curl x 12

Rest 60s. 3 sets.


Cable Tricep extension x 10

Cable Face pull x 10



20 x crunches

10 x sit ups

15 sec hollow hold

Rest 60s. 3 sets.



Re test 1 rep max dead lift


Ground to over head with bumper plate 10kg/15kg x 12

Over head lunge with same bumper plate x 12

Rest 60s. 4 rounds.


KB swing x 12

Box jumps x 6

Rest 60s. 4 rounds.



25 cal row

25 cal ski

25 cal assault bike

25 cal staitmaster

*you can pick the order you perform these, all the calories must be achieved before you move onto the next.

10 minute time cap



Re test 1 rep max bench press


Cable fly x 10

Press ups x 10

Rest 90s. 4 sets.


Every 30 seconds do 5 dips for 5 minutes.

Straight into

Every 30 seconds do 5 press ups for 5 minutes.

Straight into

Every 30 seconds do 5 burpees for 5 minutes.



3 minute plank

*every break do 10 sit ups





Re test 1 rep max back squat.


Front rack box squat x 5

Rest 90s. 4 sets.

Over head squat x 3

Rest 90s. 4 sets.



Reps of Wall balls

200m run with the ball between each round.

100 Burpee Challenge

Personal trainer Harriet Olliffe is challenging everyone and anyone to perform 100 burpees a day, every day, throughout July.

You may split the burpees up however you wish.. All 100 in a row, 10 every hour, 50 in the morning and 50 at night, it’s completely up to you. As long as all 100 are completed that day, you’re all good.

Every day that you miss you will result in a £1 donation to MNDA via this page –

We have chosen to support Motor neurone disease association for this challenge. MND is a progressive disease involving the degeneration on the motor neurons and wasting of the muscles. We have chosen to perform 100 burpees a day for a whole month because you never know when the ability to move your body freely can be taken away forever.

Burpees can be performed anywhere at any time. Check out how to do them here –

Share the donation page and get as many friends as possible involved in this challenge.

Use the Hashtag 100burpeechallenge on social media for us to track your challenge.


3 Peaks, 24 hours, 34 fantastic people – the experience

3 Peaks, 24 hours, 34 fantastic people – the experience by Becky The Fit Thing

This month I completed the 3 peaks challenge for Motor Neurone Disease, alongside 34 other Fitlifers.

The 3 Peaks challenge consists of climbing Ben Nevis, Scafell Pike and Snowdon all in under 24 hours. This equalled 75k steps and 1200 floors (according to Fitbit!) It is a challenge not just for the body and your fitness, but certainly for your mind too!

I can’t stop thinking about the experience, and how absolutely amazing it was. It was literally one of the best and one of the hardest things I have ever done.

Finishing it, injury free, and within the timeframe made me want to bow down to my body and thank it for pushing on up Scafell Pike, even though my knees were burning and the sun was beating down. For finding some strength to run down the final 15 minutes of Snowdon, and even managing to laugh most of the way!

Ben Nevis was the first test. And while I knew I was climbing a mountain, and I knew that it was going to be high, I honestly didn’t realise how high it would be. The first hour of that walk was hard. Getting to realise the enormity of the task ahead was quite something, with the cloudy peak way, way out in the distance. Once my heart rate had settled it got… kind of easier. The top of Nevis was cold, snow cold, in the middle of June. Then going down my shoe lace came undone and I had to remove a glove to tie it back up. Getting a hand out in that cold, cold weather turned it into a painful claw!

On the way up and down the mountain we chatted to each other, learning more and more about our mini bus family. Telling stories, jokes and sharing sweets.

It took 4 hours and 40 minutes to get us all off of the mountain and down to the mini buses.

Next up was Scafell Pike.

This was the shortest but the cruellest of the 3. The terrain was like huge, uneven steps. The sun was hot, the climb was sweaty. I rushed to the top as fast as I could just to get it over with, chasing after the speedy climber Charlotte all the way up!

But after reaching the top you then have the worst bit… the coming down. Coming down absolutely killed on the knees. Burning. It was the only one I thought that wow, I need to sit down. But we all pressed on. Nigel described Scafell Pike as relentless. And that it was. Not a rest break to be had. Just step after step.

Then we headed to Snowdon.

It was dark when we reached Snowdon and after a few good tunes in the mini bus we were all raring to go. Usher’s Yeah is likely to get me in the mood for anything, even mountain climbing on no sleep! Head torches on, too many layers and our Fitlife Tees we headed off up into the mountain. Molly and I spoke most of the way about food, powered on by Jelly babies and the thoughts of brunch (and a good pep talk from Nigel) we found our way to the top. Snowdon felt very quiet as everyone was spread out, depending on their energy left in the tank. But I felt so safe, it was weird. I didn’t even think that it was pitch black and we were walking close to the edges with no signal on our phones.

Weird things started to happen to me post Snowdon, which was the exhaustion I think. I was sure I saw a tortoise and a sheep. Both of which were rocks. I thought I saw a group of people, it was a collection of flower pots. Tiredness can do some funny things to you! ​​

Running down the final hill on Snowdon (hurt less and got it done quicker!) meant that we got down with 27 minutes to spare of the 24 hours.

I feel so proud to say that I did it, and so glad to have made some great friends along the way.

If you ever get a chance to walk up and down those mountains, grab it. The scenery is… beautiful doesn’t even cut it.


Credit – Becky The Fit Thing, 

Website –