Complete each exercise until exhaustion:


Round of:

Squat jumps

Pull ups/ring rows

Alternating jumping lunges

Push ups


Assault bike


Repeat round 3 times over (Ninjas do 5)

Around the block

After every exercise complete a run around the block (one lap of the car park out of the front entrance)

50 squats

30 press ups

10 pull ups

20 box jumps

10 burpees

Complete as many rounds as possible in 30 minutes

Monday Blues


20 Ball slams

15 Sit ups

10 Box jump / steps ups

5 Pull ups / ring rows

B) 500m row

C) 500m run

D) 500m ski

Complete the following:


A + B

A + B + C

A + B + C + D

Crossfit Friday


3 rounds for time

400m run

21 kettlebell swings

12 pull ups (ring rows)

The cardio chipper

Run 500m

100 skips

1k bike

80 skips

20 floors on the Stairmaster

60 skips

500m row

40 skips

500m ski

20 skips

30 second max effort assault bike


Ed’s beast mode bro sesh

Max pull ups/ ring rows

rest 1:30 – 4 rounds

Establish your heaviest 5 reps on bench press

Rest 2 minutes

Assault bike – 10 seonds max effort. 20 second rest – repeat 5 times

Watt bike – 6 second power peak test, rest 30 seconds, repeat until you cannot match your first distance.

Go Again

10 Lunges

sit ups

8 press ups


6 box Jumps/Step ups

5 pull ups

4 burpees

3 hanging ab crunches

2 minute stairmaster

1 minute pank


Repeat for 30 minutes

Steve’s Saturday Workout

Set a running clock

Minute 1 – 2 x rope climbs (hang on the rope for as long as possible)

Minute 2 – Sled push there are back with your body weight on the sled (e.g. 80kg)

repeat for 10 minutes


2 minute run on treadmill

1 minute max reps KB snatch (can do any Kettlebell exercise)

5 rounds


5-4-3-2-1-2-3-4-5 reps of muscle ups/pull ups/ring rows – rest for 30 seconds in between sets


21 – 15 – 9

Cal ski erg

Ab mat sit ups

Crossfit Fridays


400m run (will show as 0.4 on treadmill)

21 x Kettlebell swings

12 x pull ups (ring rows)

3 rounds

100 rep challenge

20 floors on the stairmaster

20 kettlebell sumo squats

20 dumbbell bulgarian split squats (each leg)

20 pull ups/ring rows

20 dumbbell bench press

** Ninjas increase the weight accordingly**


5 rounds