Karen Griffin – An everyday hero!

In a world where we are exposed to instant media and endless material of the fitness industry, it is easy to forget that progress doesn’t always look like rock hard abs or extreme weight loss. Progress to some can be as simple as walking pain free, it might even be just to walk.

Meet Karen Griffin.

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<3 Valentines day partner workout <3

Grab your loved one and try this partner workout! Take it in turns to complete the reps – whilst one works the other rests.

If you’re completing it alone half the reps and take 30 secs rest between each exercise!

100 wall balls

300 skips

100 box jumps/ step ups

100 press ups

100 sit ups

100 squats

1000m row

100 squats

70 Kettlebell swings

50 burpees / 1/2 burpees

50 tuck jumps / high knees

800m run


The phone number workout

0 – 400m treadmill

1 – 20 calorie row

2 – 20 calorie ski

3 – 10 stairmaster floors

4 – 20 squats

5 – 500m cycle

6 – 25 calorie assault bike

7 – 10 burpees/press ups

8 – 20 box jumps/step ups

9 – 20 sit ups/crunches

Complete your mobile phone number

Then your date of birth if you still have the energy!

The slammer

Grab the battle ropes and complete…

30 second power slam

30 second side slam

30 second slam with squat

30 second slam with alternate leg lunge

(Rest in between each set)

^ ^ go again


1 minute treadmill sprint

5 burpees

1 minute sprint

10 burpees

1 minute sprint

15 burpees

1 minute sprint

20 burpees

1 minute sprint

Active recovery


Complete 2-3 rounds

The ascent workout

The ascending workout works on the principle of drop setting.

Complete all exercises starting with your MAX weight. Working on a 6-12-20 drop set repetition pattern, each drop set should be a 25% reduction in weight.



Bench Press

Weighted ab crunches

Why your immune system should be priority number 1!

In 5 years of being a Personal trainer, I have never heard a client say to me that they would like to improve their immune system. I get it is a lot less desirable than “lose weight, tone up” or “run a half marathon” or “get ripped” which the majority of clients are after, but here is why I think it should be priority number 1…

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The stepper

Grab the step board and complete…


20 weighted step ups (each leg)

20 sumo squat jumps over box

20 toe taps (each leg)

20 bunny hops

20 press ups on box

20 Tricep dips



Repeat 5 times

Here is why you aren’t getting results…

The reason I am putting this one out there is because everyone wants to be a winner in January. Everyone seems to be at the gym 3 or 4 times a week but only a few seem to continue this throughout the year. So here we are, it is February and you haven’t achieved your goal… Here is why. Read More