Balls Glorious Balls!

Snacking Made Easy

One of the most common struggles many people seem to have when trying to ‘stay clean’ is what to snack on. Meals are relatively easy right? There are recipes in abundance for breakfast, lunch and dinner. But there are only so many naked bars and handfuls of nuts one can eat (guilty!).

Yes there are many recipes for guilt-free cookies, sugar-free cakes and butternut, sweet potato, courgettes and god knows what else brownies- but no one wants to spend hours home baking (unless we are talking about chocolate cake).

Here at Fitlife we like to think we may have a solution…. BALLS (completely clean- promise!)

The beauty of these balls is simple. Quite literally. The only equipment you will need is a blender.

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Easy Paleo Pancakes with just 3 ingredients!

I haven’t met many people that would turn down a good stack of american style pancakes. But for the health conscious among us, this is high on the list of foods to avoid.. Well, not anymore!

Paleo Pancakes

These are awesome for breakfast or as a pre workout meal. They fueled my marathon training and even the marathon itself, this gives you an idea of how effective this recipe is to give you an enormous amount of energy.


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5 Tips To Kick Start Your Fitness Journey

1. Fresh air and sunlight exposure.

This may seem obvious, but so many of us are starved of both these things. Long commutes, stuck in the office, looking after your young ones, all these thing amount to being cooped up inside for far too long. In my opinion, fresh air and sunlight should be classed as essential nutrients for basic health and wellbeing. Yes, we know about the benefits of vitamin d, but forget that for now, the fact is, we as human beings were created to be outside, and not just to be outside, but to be active outside. Why not try out a bootcamp class or commit to a weekly run? The benefits from these won’t just stop at increasing your fitness levels, but studies show spending time outside can decrease depression, improve focus and strengthen your immune system.

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