Spin Instructor Needed

Spin Instructor Needed

We are super proud of the spin cave that we are creating at Fitlife. It is hidden away in its own little private section of the facility. We have painted it black, chucked in some seriously cool lighting and fitted one hell of a sound system. Not to mention that you will be riding the number one spin bikes on the market. We are pretty sure it will be one of our most popular classes.

Now we just need to find the best instructor in the area to match.

Who is the instructor that pushes you further? The one that you look out for when you are booking the class? The one that makes the class fun and exhilarating?

We need to know!

Please share this link, forward it on, do whatever you need to do to make sure we find the best.

If this is you… Please contact

FitLife Are Hiring

Awesome People Needed

FitLife are currently looking for a like minded, enthusiastic, people person to join our exciting new boutique gym.

This role is for front of house and will involve the following

  • Welcoming current and new members into the facility
  • Operating the membership software
  • Managing booking systems and payments
  • General admin work
  • Making juices, shakes and coffees in the Fuel bar
  • Telephone and Email response

The ideal candidate would have an interest in health and fitness, have a friendly and approachable personality, be confident, energetic and reliable.

FitLife as a brand will represent an impeccable level of service. Too many gyms think that equipment is enough to justify members paying a membership, it isn’t. Which is why we are searching for people who can make a difference to somebody’s day.

The role will be approximately 25 hours per week to include some evenings and weekends.

If you believe that you fit this role, and want to be part of our team, or even know someone who you think would be interested, please email a bio to by the 30th June 2016.

Your Bio should include your name, a paragraph about yourself, interests, hobbies and why you want to work at FitLife.




PS… Share this link on social media and spread the word to help us find an awesome person to be part of the FitLife team.

Lessons From Rough Runner

Lessons From Rough Runner

On the morning of Sunday 15th May, 14 of us took on the rough Runner obstacle course in the beautiful Great Tew Estate. There was definitely a few nerves in the air as we waited around the start area waiting to be called through to warm up for our 9.30am start time. A few of us have done these events before so knew what to expect, but for many of the team, this was a complete first and something that was way out of their comfort zone. I personally wasn’t sure how the ‘race’ would pan out as there was such a diverse mix of fitness abilities through the group, so I didn’t know if we would lose a few on the way either by sprinting off up the top or a few dropping behind at the back.

During the first few obstacles it was all fun and games, embracing getting wet and muddy from the start is exactly what you have to do, excuse my french…but you can’t be a pussy about it. So it was great to see everyone diving straight in and not giving a monkeys.

As the ‘race’ developed, so did the obstacles, so did the running, so did the hills, and this is when something truly special started to happen. Suddenly, this group of 14 people who barely knew each other started to unite as a team. As we suffered up the hills, we would encourage and support, as we were flung from obstacles into the pools of water, multiple team members would rush to drag them out, there were high fives, there were arms round shoulders, there were cheers, it was an overwhelming feeling of togetherness.

On Sunday afternoon I sat back, feeling extremely humbled, and reflected on what had just happened. What Sunday showed is that a collection of positive people, that come from different background’s, occupation’s, sex, age and fitness abilities can become united by the struggle of a physical challenge. It showed everyday people being pushed to the complete extremities of their comfort zones, but having the ability to overcome because of the support from a team of which they belong. It showed that as individuals we may be able to achieve individual tasks or overcome ‘obstacles’ but to become a true champion, we must seek assistance from those on the same journey, whilst showing a helping hand when called upon along the way.

So what can we learn from this?

Well, I can guarantee if you asked anyone of our team from Sunday they would all say a similar thing – ‘The best thing about the day was the team atmosphere.’ Some might even say ‘they wouldn’t have done it without the team.’

I 100% believe that you become a product of your environment, and this massively showed on Sunday. If you surround yourself with positive people who are trying to achieve the same thing, it will drive you towards your goal, it will be way more enjoyable, and you are far far more likely to succeed.

Apply this to all walks of life and your life will transform.

Check out the footage

Check out our video from Sunday on the link below.




Pick your environment carefully.


We are Team Fitlife.



Body, Mind, energy and Lifestyle Transformation – A Nutritionalist’s Thoughts

Body, Mood, Energy and Lifestyle Transformation – a Nutritionalist’s Thoughts


I am really excited about the opening of FitLife Gym in Haddenham.  It is widely recognized and I totally believe that strength and functional training is so important to long-term health – for maintenance of metabolic rate, bone density, hormonal patterns.  But I am also intrigued to find a gym owner who shares my vision of training being a holistic education – aerobic fitness, all round physical strength and mobility, a relaxed mental state with quality sleep – all enabled and supported by nutrition.

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5 tips to be more FITLIFE


People are always looking for shortcuts, for fads, for easy options and quick fixes so that they can carry on with minimum change but get the best results. Everyone wants a better body, more energy and life long health but who is actually prepared to give up their life long habits to get these things?

We at fitlife believe in simplicity. Simple things done well over a sustained period of time will give you all that you desire. I can guarantee that when you train with us we will never ever force you into any of this, but if asked, here is what we will say.


1. 80% of the things you put in your mouth should contain no sugars, no grains and no dairy

In other words, stop eating s**t that your body was never designed to eat. Without starting to preach to you about the caveman diet and giving you a history lesson, I want to just briefly explain why this is so important.

Sugar is the absolute devil, we only need 5g of sugar per day to survive and this can be found in natural forms such as fruit (1 banana contains roughly 17g of sugar), yet 1 can of coke has 35g of the white stuff. When we can’t burn sugar as immediate fuel, we store it as fat, so cut that out immediately.

Grains react the same way as sugar inside the body but at a slower pace. If we don’t need to replace glycogen in our muscles, our body will just store it – yep, more fat!

We were all lactose intolerant, our bodies have just managed to find a way of dealing with it, Get rid of it and you will feel (and look) way better.

So what is this 80% thing about? Well we’ve all gotta live right. the 80% rule gives you the flexibility to have the odd desert or grande mocha without feeling like the world is about to end. Keep it clean 80% of the time and you will cruise your way to body composition heaven.

2. Move slowly, for long periods, frequently.

For some reason, we don’t do this enough. Again – let me bang my caveman drum. We were designed to walk hour upon hour for days at a time. Our ancestors moved from village to village on foot yet we seem to be unable to take our kids to school at the end of the road without firing up the car. Walking is low impact, free and can seriously improve your health and mental state. There is no need for science on this one… Just get your coat on and walk!

3. Sleep at least 7 hours a night

Longer working hours, children, blue screens, stress, exercise… The list could go on – all reasons to not get a good nights sleep. THIS NEEDS TO BE PRIORITISED. Without enough rest, the body simply can not function at optimal capacity. It needs to repair and without sleep this will not be achieved. If you are looking to achieve a body composition goal then sleep is the first thing you need to address. Sort this and you might then have a chance at doing the rest.

4. Sprint twice a week

Caveman drum alert! Along with walking for extremely long periods, our human body was also designed to sprint – to escape a predator, to hunt, to avoid danger. Not only is sprinting an incredible fat burning tool (your body will continue to burn calories once you finish sprinting due to EPOC – excess post-exercise oxygen consumption, to replace oxygen deficit after strenuous activity) but it is also an amazing natural stimulant. Sprinting initiates your fight or flight response which will result in increased alertness (feels like a natural high). I get that sprinting isn’t really a cool look (think Pheobe in that Friends episode), but it doesn’t have to end there. HIIT (high intensity interval training) is a form of sprinting. A couple of 20 minute sprint/hiit sessions per week will be enough to stimulate excessive fat burning and stimulant release. Check out our HIIT class here.

5. Lift heavy twice a week

Ok last time I swear… Human body.. Walks. Sprints. Lifts. We had to build our own houses once upon a time, we had to carry our catch that we had just hunted. We were strong, we had to be! Luckily for us, we have machines to lift heavy stuff now and we don’t have to carry a cow home to have steak for dinner, but that doesn’t mean we should stop being strong. Lifting heavy weights a couple of times per week will increase muscle mass (no ladies, you won’t get bulky, you don’t have the growth hormone). By increasing muscle mass, you will increase your metabolic rate (calories burnt at rest). You will also increase bone density if you lift now and then. Being strong is going to help you avoid injury too. We will have a pretty cool class coming soon to help you get your LIFT fix….


Let’s recap

So you don’t eat sugar, grains or dairy very often, you naturally have a lean body composition because of this, but now and then you have a blow out so you aren’t ‘that boring’ one at the party. You walk to take your kids to school, you walk to the shop, you walk the dog, you walk bloody everywhere – because you can. You go to bed early so that you get adequate sleep, you switch off after dinner, no phone or ipad, just relax and enjoy a solid 7 hours minimum of sleep, you wake up alert and fresh. You sprint (HIIT) for 20-30 minutes twice a week, this makes you feel awesome and burns a ton of body fat, you are lean and happy. You lift weights twice a week in the form of compound exercises – squats, dead lifts, Olympic lifts etc. You have a good posture, you have a higher metabolism, you rarely get injured, you are strong!

You have been blessed with just one body, these simple things done well on a regular basis will give you the best chance of taking good care of it.

Be more FITLIFE.


Fuel Bar – Coming soon

Fitlife Fuel Bar

We are delighted to announce that Fitlife will have it’s very own Fuel bar… Juices, Shakes, Snacks, Tea’s and Coffees.

As some of you may know, we preach the Paleo lifestyle at Fitlife. Which means you won’t find any grains or refined sugars in any of our products. All will be gluten and dairy free and made from clean and natural ingredients.

Example Menu

Bulletproof Coffee – Black coffee with coconut oil (the addition of fats to black coffee gives an energy boost and added fat burning effect – Perfect for pre workout)

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What’s in the gym – Part 4

We are back with Part 3 of what’s in the gym. Every week we will reveal two pieces of equipment that you guys will be using at our boutique gym. We will reveal one ‘standard’ piece that you would expect to find in a gym, and one unique piece that has a bit of the Fitlife swagger. We will tell you why it has been picked, how best to use it and how it will benefit you as a member.

This week we focus on your ass. Erm, ok that didn’t sound right, let me rephrase that. This week we focus on how to strengthen your Glutes. Better? Good. Here are two pieces of really cool kit that will have your glutes (ass) so fired up that Kim kardashian will be running scared.

These two pieces of equipment couldn’t be more different, so let’s start with this one…

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What’s In The Gym – Part 3

We are back with Part 3 of what’s in the gym. Every week we will reveal two pieces of equipment that you guys will be using at our boutique gym. We will reveal one ‘standard’ piece that you would expect to find in a gym, and one unique piece that has a bit of the Fitlife swagger. We will tell you why it has been picked, how best to use it and how it will benefit you as a member.

This week we focus on High intensity interval training. We at Fitlife believe in getting the maximum from your workout, without taking up hours of your precious time. A lot of our cardio equipment has been picked because of it’s versatility to be used for anything from a long duration at a slow pace to flat out sprints for 10/20 second intervals.

Here are two that fit the bill perfectly.

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Pizza – The Fitlife Way

Who doesn’t love pizza? Classic, carb loaded, comfort food. What if I let you into a little secret? There is way to have pizza without the guilt, without the bloat and without the 100’s of calories- all thanx to the power of cauliflower.

I am going to talk you through how to make my version of cauliflower pizza. Its important to know that there are many variations to this receipe- some with 2 eggs- some with different variatons of flour in- I have smply adapted these recipes to create what I feel is the best texture, cleanest, and tastiest version!

The pizza base recipe is as follows (this makes 1 pizza- double up for 2 etc):

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What’s In The Gym – Part 2

What’s In The Gym

Welcome to the second edition of what’s in the gym. Each week we reveal 2 pieces of kit that will be found in our boutique gym. One will be a ‘standard’ everyday gym equipment and the other will be a Fitlife exclusive. We explain what is is, why it has been picked and how it will benefit you as a member.

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