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100 skips

100m treadmill sprint

100 skips

100m row

rest 1 minute

x 5 rounds

*Ninjas do 7 rounds

Finisher – assault bike 10 cals. rest 30 seconds. 5 rounds.




Complete as fast as possible:

100m row

100m ski

200m sprint



Followed by:

20 burpees

20 tuck jumps

20 press ups

20 ring rows



Complete the kettlebell

Set the clock to beep every minute, grab a kettlebell and complete..

Kettlebell swings

Goblet squat

Clean and press

Bicep curl


High pulls

Standing oblique crunch

Weighted ab crunches

Weighted Russian twists

1 minute rest

..Go again

ninja? complete 3 rounds for a 30 minute full body blitz



Tread to shred

On the treadmill, warm up with a 5 minute brisk walk before completing the pyramid workout:

30 second sprint/30 rest

1 minute sprint/1 minute rest

2 minute sprint/2 minute rest

4 minute sprint/4 minutes active rest (walk it out)

Then work your way back up ^ ^


**Remember to  decrease the speed by 0.5-1 kph as you increase the sprinting period**


100 not out

Perform 100 Sand bag squats

*On the minute every minute perform 5 burpees


Perform 100 Press ups

*On the minute every minute perform 5 box jumps


Perform 100 Sit ups

*On the minute every minute perform 5 pull ups or ring rows


Complete as many rounds as possible in 20 minutes:


200m sprint

20 overhead lunges with bar

15 deadlifts

15 press ups

15 weighted sit ups



Work your way up our ultimate fat burning ladder..

Taking 1 minute rest between each superset, complete:


Ski erg 10 cals +

Assault bike 10 cals


Ski erg 15 cals +

Row 15 cals


Ski erg 20 cals +

Assault bike 20 cals

Battle through

Grab the battle ropes and complete…

30 seconds single arms

30 seconds rest

30 seconds double arms

30 seconds rest

30 seconds wide arms


Repeat 3 times