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Ski to the North Pole

Complete 5 rounds of the following:


10 calorie ski

15 kettlebell swings

10 calorie ski

15 box jumps


Our next Fitlife Christmas Challenge is inspired by a London race like no other … Vertical Rush.

42 floors racing to the top of Tower 42 ..

You have probably guessed it by now- our next challenge requires you to climb 42 floors on the dreaded stairmaster!!

Tips and rules:

Hit quick start – control your speed by the arrows on the right hand side of the screen and count your floors on the left hand side of the screen

Participants are not to hold onto the sides of the stairmaster – only by the bars directly in front of them

Write your score on the blackboard at the back of the gym

Entries close December 11th 1.30pm

Remember it is the taking part that counts!

Happy Climbing Fitties!!!

Reindeer ride

Santa is feeling a little jet-lagged so has bought in back up!


Grab the reins (Battle ropes) and complete the following:


20 seconds double arms

rest 30 seconds

20 seconds single arms


20 seconds battle ropes with star jumps


20 seconds battle ropes with half burpees


**Ninjas go again**

Santas sleigh

Santa needs some help pushing his sled, fitties!

Complete 3 rounds of the the following **Ninjas do 5** :

1 round sled pushes (there and back)

How many days until Christmas reps ball slams

How many days until Christmas reps burpees


Increase weight of the sled each round until you reach your max

Amrap up warm

20 minutes complete as many rounds as possible with the barbell

20 deadlifts

20 bent over rows

20 overhead press

20 squats

40 second flat out sprint on treadmill



The FitLife Advent

25 air squats                                                     12 burpees

24 sit ups                                                           11 tricep extensions

23 press ups                                                      10 kb high pull

22 lunges (11 each side)                                  9 pull ups

21 kb swings                                                     8 floors on stairmaster

20 calorie assault bike                                   7  kb thrusters

19 goblet squats                                              6 lengths of astro with sled

18 curtsey lunges                                            5 floors on stairmaster

17 tricep dips                                                   4 lengths of astro with sled

16 bicep curls                                                  3 floors on stairmaster

15 calorie row                                                 2k cycle

14 calorie ski                                                   1k run

13 box jumps/step ups




The Mrs FitLife Special

Every 3 minutes complete

10 kettlebell swings

10 box jumps (step ups)

10 sit ups

10 burpees

*Once finished, rest for the remainder of the 3 minutes

5 rounds in total


Deadmill sprints

With the treadmill turned off, hold onto the bars at the front and run against, this will self power the belt.

20 second sprint, 40 second rest

6 – 10 rounds


Squat Heavy ‘n’ Row Fast

Warm up appropriately

complete the following reps with precisely 1 minutes rest between sets

Back squat – (if you do not know or cannot perform a back squat – use the leg press)

10, 8, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1, 1, 1….

Increase weight each set until you find your 1 rep max

REST 3 minutes

150m rowing sprints

Rest 1 minute

Repeat 5 times

Your lowest distance is the one that counts

Crossfit Fridays

The Seven

Seven rounds for time of:

7 Handstand press ups (hand release press ups)

7 Thrusters

7 knees to elbow

7 dead lifts

7 burpees

7 kettlebell swings

7 pull ups (jumping pull ups)

Shut ya face

Every 2 minutes for as long as possible complete:

00:00 – 02:00

2 lengths of astroturf sled push

2 burpee box overs

02:00 – 04:00

2 lengths of astroturf sled push

4 burpee box overs

04:00 – 06:00

2 lengths of astroturf sled push

6 burpee box overs

06:00 – 08:00

2 lengths of astroturf sled push

8 burpee box overs

Continue until you cannot continue

*weight on the sled should be 50% of your body weight (ninjas do 100% bodyweight)

The post guilty weekender

20 calorie row

20 calorie ski

repeat with 15 calories, 10 calories and 5 calories

Run 400m – Rest 1 minute

Run 800m – Rest 2 minutes

Run 1600m – Rest 3 minutes

3 minute aerobic test on watt bike – rest 3 minutes

10 second sprint on assault bike, 20 second rest – repeat 5 times