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Charlotte’s tough mudder

Run 1k

Box jump x 20

Max hold from pull up bar

Bear crawl the length of the astro turf and back

100 skips

50 battle rope slams

50 squats with power bag on back

25 burpees

Run 1k


Friday’s beach weights

Warm up –

5 rounds of 30 seconds work, 30 seconds rest of Assault bike (Arms only)

Cable room circuit – 4 rounds

12 x Lat pull down

12 x Seated row

12 x Tricep extension

12 x Bicep curl

Then –

21 reps of

press ups

sit ups

ring rows *Ninjas do pull ups

repeat with 15 reps and 9 reps




The Buy In

Complete 1k on either the treadmill or rowing machine as a ‘buy in’

Then Complete 5 rounds of

10 KB swings

10 KB goblet squats

10 KB cleans

10 press ups

Complete either 2k on the bike or 500m on the ski erg as a buy out

*Ninja warriors do 8 rounds*