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Hang in there partner

In pairs complete the following…

(whilst one works, one must hang from the pull up bar for the reps to count)

100 x Squats (ninjas do front squats 20kg female, 35kg male)

90 x sit ups

80 x press ups

70 x hanging knee raises

60 x wall balls

50 x burpees

40 x box overs

30 x lunges each side (ninjas do front rack with bar 20kg female, 35kg male)

20 x pull ups

10 x floor to feet rope climbs (ninjas go to the top)

Post 3 day weekender HIIT

Perform the following as fast as you can:

100m row

10 calorie assault bike

Rest 1 minute – 4 rounds


Ski 100m

6 x burpees

Rest 1 minute – 4 rounds


15 second deadmill sprint

6-10 press ups

rest 1 minute – 4 rounds


30 skips

10 sit ups

rest 30 seconds – 4 rounds




You go, I go

In pairs – 1 works 1 rests

30 seconds on: 30 seconds off

Complete –

1K run

100 cal ski

100 cal row

100 ball slam

100 press ups

100 wall balls

100 cal assault bike

100 sit ups

100 burpees


Individuals complete 500m run and 50 reps/cals on each

Beach Bod

On a beach complete

200m shuttle run

10 x squat jumps

10 x press ups

10 x sit ups

10 x mountain climbers each side


200m shuttle run

9 reps on each exercise

200m shuttle run

8 reps on each

…….. all the way down to 1 rep

total = 2k run, 220 reps

500 rep workout

As quickly as you can –

25 x Squats

25 x Press ups

25 x Ball slams *ninja’s do wall balls

25 x Sit ups *ninja’s do burpees

25 x Box jumps

Repeat x 4 = 500 reps


Killer Kardio

Set the timer and do 3 rounds as quickly as you can!

300m run *200m *100m

10 x box jumps

300m row

16 x walking lunges

300m ski erg

10 x ball slams

Each round take 100m off for example *200m *100m


TRX Thursday’s

Grab some TRX cables and lets go –

15 x TRX rows

10 x TRX push ups *on knees

15 x TRX jumping squats

10 x TRX lunges (each leg)

15 x TRX crunches

1 x 30 second TRX plank

Rest 1min between sets.

Repeat 5 times and feel the burn!

Beat the pro’s

Run 1200m


12 rounds of –

4 pull ups / jumping / assisted

8 press ups

12 squats


Run 1200m


The bodyweight ninja Descending ladder

Start with 10 reps of each exercise, then repeat with 9 reps, then 8, then 7, all the way down to 1 rep on each…

pull ups/ring rows

press ups

box jumps/step ups

After each round complete 1 lap of the car park.

Quads on quads

Complete as many rounds as possible in 20:

5 barbell squats (65% max)

10 tuck jumps

10 jumping squats

200m sprint


Followed by AMRAP in 5 minutes of:

KB single arm clean and press

KB swings

KB high pulls

KB standing oblique crunches