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6-8 reps of back squat @ 60-70% of 1 rep max.

Rest 1:30 – 2:00. 3-4 sets.


Pistol squats x 5 each leg (use a TRX or onto a box if needed)

Rest 1 minute – 4 sets

DB lunge x 6 each leg & Split squat x 6 each leg

Rest 1 minute – 4 sets.

Weighted squat jumps x 10

Rest 45 seconds – 4 sets


42 floors on the stairmaster for time


Superset and Grind

Perform 3 sets on each superset with 45-60 seconds rest after each set.

Superset 1

10 x Goblet squat

20 x walking lunge


3 kilometre cycle

Superset 2

10 x ring rows

10 x shoulder press


1 kilometre treadmill

Superset 3

10 x ball slam

10 x sit ups


500m row

500m ski

Rough Runner 2017

Fitlife are putting together a team for this years Rough Runner! Jess and Megan will be team captains in this years event – Fitlife has completed the rough runner two years in a row – and we’re back for more!


Rough Runner is a 10k obstacle race through the Cotswolds taking you through different challenges along the way… Think monkey bars, inflatable balls, rope swings, wall climbs, mud slides and much much more! Some of you may be thinking ABSOLUTELY NO WAY! But I promise you, you will love it! The obstacle course aims to test all abilities, if you have never done an obstacle race, or if you’re a pro! We work as a team to help each other out and you get a real buzz when you’ve completed something you never thought you could! There are probably some of you reading this that want to try an obstacle race but the thought of running 10k is enough to put you off – right? This isn’t a 10k running race – far far from it! Last year it took us 2.5 hours to complete! If you can run up the hills, brilliant. If not , don’t worry! We complete the race as a team, it’s fun, challenging, and I promise you you’ll finish wanting more (hence why this is our third year taking part!)

Need more convincing? Check out our video from last years event here..


The race begins at a private estate in the beautiful Cotswolds – it is approximately 45 minutes from Haddenham.


Sunday 14th May

How to enter

If you decide you want to join us (come on!!) then this is how to enter:

Head over to the rough runner website (

Click on ‘find an event near you’

Scroll down to May 13th/14th – Oxfordshire

Click on the Sunday 14th tab

Click join a team and type in Fitlife

Complete the form and you’re done!!

We have already got a few of us signed up – the price goes up tonight so if you want to do it ENTER NOW!

There will be a Fitlife t-shirt for all that join the Fitlife Team!

Weekend warrior

1 Rope climb

20 ring rows

10 press ups


3 rounds


2 minutes sprint treadmill (70% max heart rate )

1 minute sprint treadmill (80-90% max)

1 minute walk recovery


3 rounds


Assault bike finisher .. 15 seconds x3




Complete as many rounds of the following in 20 minutes:


60 skips

10 pull ups/ring rows

10 jumping lunges (each leg)

15 push ups

10 weighted ab crunches




Complete 3 rounds of each superset:


10 reps squats with bar

superset with 10 jumping squats

10 reps deadlift with bar

superset with 10 press ups

10 reps bent over row with bar

superset with 10 ring rows/pull ups

Sled sprints

Place the sled at the start of the astro and complete:

1 round sled sprint (Sled push there and back)

5 burpees

1 round sled sprint

10 burpees

1 round sled sprint

15 burpees

1 round sled sprints

**Ninjas rest then go again**

Sprints and Ladders

On the stairmaster, complete the following for 20 minutes:

1 minute at ‘base pace’

1 minute ‘ladder’ – increase the speed every 10 seconds

1 minute sprint – 80-90% max heart rate

1 minute ‘ladder’ returning to base pace