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FitLife – Year 1 in Numbers

As year 1 of Fitlife draws to a close we have put together our year in numbers….

646 people have joined Fitlife as a member

184 have left

462 remain

28,439 visits have been made to FitLife since we opened

10 million calories have been burned (roughly)

10,500 kilometres have been ran on our treadmills – Enough to get you to Australia!

2,500 kilometres have been rowed

1,100 kilometres have been skied

72,000 floors have been climbed

4,500 pull ups

About 25,000 burpees (thats a scary thought)

4000 shakes have been drunk

1,500 classes have been taught

500kg of weight has been lost (that we know of)

672 selfies have been taken

8,000kg has been left on the leg press

8 people have been sick

1 person fainted

4 have given birth

0 have died


Thank you for contributing!

Here’s to next year!

Steve & Jess