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Want to be beach ready?! Put the running trainers away..

Running just isn’t enough

So the sun is out, the birds are singing and it has us all looking at the calendar marking out how many days until we jet off on our summer holiday. In turn, this increases the number of pavement pounders that we see on the roads clocking up the mileage to shed those winter pounds.

Make no bones about it, running is a great exercise. It increases your blood flow, burns calories and is brilliant for your mental state but will it get you what you may call ‘beach ready’. Sadly, the answer is no, and here’s why. Whilst jogging uses energy (kcals) in a relatively high volume (between 450 – 800 per hour dependant on the speed and the individual), once you stop jogging your body almost immediately returns to a rested state. So as long as you do not consume over the amount of extra calories burned then you may see some weight loss, but unfortunately, this is where the benefits stop. Annoying as it is, you will not achieve a body shape transformation through JUST running,

So what do I do?

To ‘tone’ – (yuk I hate that word, there is no such thing as toning but I will say it anyway) you will need to combine fat loss with muscle growth. The best ways to do this is to combine HiiT training with weight training into your weekly regime.

HiiT training is the abbreviation of high intensity interval training and is done by performing maximum effort short bursts of exercise with periods of rest. The reason we do HiiT training is because of its promotion of EPOC (excess post-exercise oxygen consumption) also known as the after burn effect. During HiiT training our body is put into an oxygen deficit due to the max efforts which we ask it to repeatedly perform, once the session is finished, your body will need to continue to use energy to replace that oxygen around the body – therefor continue to burn calories. Happy days!

A great example would be to replace your slow runs with sprints. Try this session…


The D’Souza Intervals

Weight training

Pairing your HiiT workouts with regular weight training will help you sculpt your body shape. The greatest results that I have seen as a personal trainer have come from those who regularly lift weights and enjoy getting stronger. This by no means will make you ‘bulky’. Using weights in the correct way WILL dramatically change your body shape. Read more on the incredible benefits in this previous blog post http://fitlife.co.uk/2017/01/05/myth-bulky-women/

We are proud of our weight training area at FitLife and encourage everyone to use this area as much as possible in their training.

We offer programmes both bespoke and pre set here – http://fitlife.co.uk/programmes/ .

Or get yourself to one of our small group training sessions Ladies that Lift and Bro Sesh to perfect technique, gain confidence and learn how to programme your own workouts.


Next time you hit the tarmac for a run… Make sure you turn into Banks Park, through the doors at FitLife and into the squat rack…



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