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MollyBhealthy gives her tips on how to have a healthy’ish’ Easter

listen up Easter Bunnies

The first thing I think of when I think of Easter is…CHOCOLATE. Easter and Christmas seem to be the two most indulgent holidays of the year, and if you are following a healthy eating plan this can really be a test of will power.

You want to enjoy yourself, but then you don’t want to wake up on Tuesday morning thinking – “Did I really need to eat 4 packets of mini eggs?”


Here are a few tips to help you keep on track this Easter weekend, while still enjoying yourself and being part of the festivities.


  1. Be Active.

Just because you’ve got 4 days off, and you might indulge in some lay ins over the weekend, doesn’t mean you should completely write off doing any exercise. Whether you decide to get up early and head to the gym (FitLife is OPEN!) before the family arrive or, you get the whole family on a lovely Easter walk! How about even turning the Easter egg hunt to something slightly more active? Make the distance of the eggs even further apart, and get everyone running around! Keeping active means you will be burning more calories, meaning you are more deservant of those lovely Easter treats.

  1. Don’t Over Do It.


Instead of eating 4 chocolate eggs, try eating just 1. Indulge in the Easter festivities and eating chocolate but you don’t have to always overdo it. If you do indulge a little heavier than expected, try not to spend the rest of the day or whole weekend binging, and thinking – “Well I have messed up now, there is no going back!”
Enjoy yourself and don’t become stressed if you do eat something ‘off-plan.’ However, if you feel you have slipped up, don’t let this turn into an excuse to do the same for the next few days or week.
3. Drink Water.
You are going to be out of routine, because you are having the same amount of days off as you have just worked. (Why can’t every weekend be like this!) This means you are likely to become out of routine when it comes to your healthy habits. Drinking water being one of them. Make sure to keep hydrated for the whole weekend by having lots of water, this will help your body to keep running smoothly which in turn will thank you later. Being dehydrated and thirsty can sometimes be confused for hunger, so keeping yourself full of water means you are less likely to stop mindless eating. If you are someone who thinks they might booze quite a bit over the Easter weekend, this is especially important for you!


4. Compromise.


Remember what you have been eating for the last few weeks or months, and try put that into practice this weekend. Have your chocolate but also make a compromise when it comes to the meals out and roasts. You can still have a good time, but learn to make healthier choices. For example, with the Easter Sunday Roast, load your plate up with lots of greens and vegetables to add volume to your meal. Add meat for your protein source, then a little carb source on the side. Try to not have too many condiments, sauces, sugary puddings, as this is where you find the most calories. (One serving, rather than two…you know what I am saying.) If you are the one cooking the roast, you can make sure you make healthier choices when it comes to cooking. Try less oil, less butter, less salt, less sugar. Use herbs and spices to give flavouring and read labels to become aware of ingredients and calories.

5. Enjoy yourself.

With everything being said, learn to enjoy yourself. If you are strict 80-90% of the time, the other 10-20% shouldn’t really do any harm to your progress. We want to keep healthy, fit and strong but we also want to create memories and enjoy time with friends and family. Don’t beat yourself up if you indulge a little too much, put it to one side and remember to be a little stricter when it comes to being back at work, the gym and into your normal routine again.


I hope you have a lovely Easter!
I expect to see you in the gym soon!